KsVirtual – blockchain-based VR platform

KsVirtual is a platform that has already proved itself in several countries as the chief developer of portable planetariums. Now they originated virtual planetariums for pupils using Virtual Reality technology. In utterly six months, more than 300,000 personalities downloaded the application, and they also released the Virtual Planetarium vote, which is now available in some towns. KsVirtual has drawn the attention of more than 500,000 kids about the experience of celestial objects and other space phenomena. The company has made the biggest chain of traveling planetariums. Mobile space museums have attracted kids to the study of the sun, moon, planets, galaxies, stars, meteorites, comets, asteroids, and different celestial bodies known to man.

Advantage Blockchain technology

Since it will base on the Blockchain VR Platform, the project’s economy will be transparent and open to all members of the ecosystem. It will serve as content creators and venues for the content to be posted clearly and transparently to the distribution of funds among participants, making the cost of the product more affordable to consumers.
It will allow a more in-depth study of natural phenomena, the principles of mechanisms, the functioning of the body. Not all applications will be fully interactive. Some of them will be a panoramic video of 360 degrees. Other videos will be a complete simulation of the processes. The applications will be linked together. For example, after the study of human anatomy by users, they will be offered materials about organs and tissues. Through the encyclopedia, VR people will discover not the secrets of history, physical principles, wonders of light, technological features of production, distant stars, and the planet.
Advantages of the blockchain platform:

1. Intra-platform payments are transparent.
2. Commissions are insignificant.
3. Copyright is a priority.
4. Blockchain is the guarantor of independence and stability.
5. The community has the right to manage content.
6. Tokens have purchased after the registration process.

About KSE tokens

It is planned to build its economic infrastructure based on KSE tokens. Everyone who wants to enter the platform will get them, thus ensuring economic growth. There are reputational scores to assess the professionalism of the project participants.
Visit us – https://ks-virtual.com/

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Author Emmanuel Ogunjumo Announces New Self-help Book Singles Must-Read Before Marrying

Modern Relationship Expert Releases “101 No Frills Relationship Lessons You Must Read Before You Marry”

N ew Orleans, LA – August 13, 2019 – Author and self-help relationship expert, Emmanuel Ogunjumo, is set to release his latest book “101 No Frills Relationship Lessons You Must Read Before You Marry” on August 27, 2019. Filled with sage advice from the first-person perspective of Biblical characters, the guidance in the book unfolds creatively. Dr. Melissa Caudle, author and senior editor with Absolute Author Publishing House who had the pleasure of editing Ogunjumo’s book, said, “This book is packed with information for couples. I’ve been married for thirty-six years and I can attest that those who follow the life lessons, can enhance their relationship. I wish this book had been written before my three daughters married.”

According to the book’s blurb, this book is meant to help those seeking relationship advice before they marry. Are you in a relationship? Are you equally yoked? Are you confused about your next step? Do you and your intended have difficulty communicating? If you answered yes, this book can offer you a reprieve.

In the book you will find:

• 101 Life Lessons to strengthen your relationship
• Scripture Meditations
• Guided Prayers about each life lesson
• Life Application exercises

Marriage is a commitment, use the lessons in this book to strengthen yours.

The book, “101 No Frills Relationship Lessons You Need to Learn Before You Marry,” is published by Absolute Author Publishing House will launch on August 27, 2019. However, the eBook is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

About the Author

E mmanuel Ogunjumo, the founder of Relationships Minibooks has studied all aspects of relationships relentlessly. He pursued this path of study after multiple failed relationships led him to humble himself and recommit to God. After several years of study, he has now committed himself to share all that he knows and continues to learn with those who have a desire to have high-quality relationships. Emmanuel strongly believes that relationships are not just meant to survive; they are meant to thrive. His desire is to change lives by putting an end to family separations, emotional turmiol, mental anguish, and financial woes created by failed relationships. As an international speaker, author of five books including D.E.A.R. SINGLES, he serves as a relationship coach, a church board member and earned a Theology and Biblical Studies degree. He is happily married and lives in Houston, Texas.

Contact Information

Email: emmanuelogunjumo@gmail.com

Blog: www.emmanueilogunjumo.blogspot.com/


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Research Into New Trend Of Online Dating In US

Hongkong, Aug 13, 2019 — Online dating becomes the trend with the development of internet. There is a statistic that about 45% of American people find their partners through internet. Even more, some of them are willing to develop their romance with the one from other side of the Earth.


When talking about online dating, most of American still stay at the impression of mail order bride. However, there are more and more customized service from the dating sites. To find out more stories about the online dating, we created an interview with the dating consultant of Whispark.com.


Whispark as an international dating site, knows that it might be a bit difficult to maintain the relationship of the couples in different countries. So they decide to offer the service for helping to developing relationship for men and women across the world.


“According to the relationship psychologist, the love feeling of online dating is too virtual to experience the realistic feeling like having a hug, holding hands and so on. When you want to get closer to your fancy, you definitely would like to get responded as soon as you share the special moment with her, but it’s hard to realize because of the long-distance and time difference. So we decide to help people to solve this problem with live chat, long distant call. Moreover, the Romance Meet comes up.” said the dating consultant from Whispark.


So, how to use the Romance Meet service and how does it work?


Romance Meet provides the users with an opportunity to scheduling date with potential local match. Any user, when decides to travel somewhere and meet someone local, can simply set the route and plan, and submit a meeting invitation. The Whispark system will send out the invitation to all lady users from the destination city. After that, for those who are available to meet, they will confirm. 


Then the gentleman will have the chance to communicate with the lady to schedule the specific expected date and time to meet, and then confirm it.


“That would be very interesting”, said the dating consultant from Whispark, “You can date the one you already talked online before, or you also can invite some one that never communicated before, so it will bring you a lot of freshness and excitement!”


Each Romance Meet order costs $150 USD. And the man can receive a romantic candlelight dinner or a delicate present as a love testimony and a special translation services for 1.5 hours.


According to Whispark, they have already received some positive feedback about their Romance Meet service. And they are glad to share one of the members’ experience.


“I signed up Jan. 15, then a Vietnamese woman contacted me.” said Edward, a man who succeeded in finding his love on Whispark. “We kept chatting with each other day and night. And she called me on Valentine’s Day with the call services. We talked for 40 minutes and I got to hear her sweet voice.”


“She is 38, I’m 60. I decided to meet her in her city, so I scheduled a trip with her through the Romance Meet service. Then we fell very much in love during the journey. Now, she is planning to get married in Las Vegas, rent a motorhome for honeymoon. And I am going to take her to Oregon to meet my family. Yes, this is a great site. Thank you, Whispark.” said Edward.

He also added a tip, “Remember to be polite to any of the women you contact.


About Whispark

Whispark is a specialist international dating website that helps expand dating opportunities. They gather people from all over the world who dreams of meeting “one” person to build a delightful, meaningful and long-term relationship. The website has years of experience and believe everyone in the world deserves good love. Those married couples are living proof that Whispark really helps members around the world meet someone wonderful.


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LEBEN’s Intelligent Medical Technology, a Perfect Combination of AI and Medical Technologies

Hongkong, Aug 13, 2019 – (Asia Presswire) – In the current medical context, shortage of film reading doctors and inefficient film reading are commonly seen problems. Meanwhile, quality medical resources are mainly provided in large cities while medical resources are relatively in short in small cities or remote areas. Intelligence computing designed for medical imaging is not real-time effective in professional medical scenarios. In particular, the edge computing is not intelligent enough. On the basis of solving the problem of medical data privacy protection, LEBEN applies AI to homogenized medical services to effectively speed up data analysis and improve the precision of judgment. In small cities or remote areas, a user can enjoy quality medical services as those in large cities through his terminal device.




LEBEN, a Perfect Combination of AI and Medical Technologies

AI helps doctors to solve complicated medical problems in clinical diagnosis, inheriting and bringing medical experts’ valuable theories and rich clinical experience into full play while serving as an auxiliary tool for doctors’ diagnosis. In general, AI has the following functions in the medical field:


(1) Provides doctors with complete and effective information so as to provide scientific, reliable basis for disease diagnosis and treatment.

(2) Greatly increases the automation of determining and analyzing processes for medical data, thus greatly improving work efficiency, reducing young people’s workload and minimizing subjective arbitrariness.

(3) Gathers experts’ knowledge to help doctors to make more reliable, more accurate judgment. With increasing cases, AI can also enrich the system’s knowledge, accumulate and analyze knowledge automatically or through manual intervention so as to improve medical level.


Medical imaging data is an important part of medical data, wherein, more than 90% of image data are medical data in terms of quantity, and these data comprising CT,X ray, MRI, PET, etc., in terms of generating devices. According to statistics, the annual growth rate of medical imaging data is 63% while the annual growth rate of radiology doctors is just 2%, suggesting a big gap in supply of radiology doctors. The good news is that the combination of AI technologies and medical imaging can hopefully alleviate such problems.


In LEBEN plans, scenarios where AI technologies are combined with medical imaging diagnosis include lung cancer detection, fundus examination for diabetic retinopathy, esophageal cancer detection, the nuclear medical examination and pathology examination of some illnesses, and more. By means of relieving the shortage of doctors through AI technologies, LEBEN helps to improve doctors’ working efficiency and achieves health management for residents.


About LEBEN:

LEBEN is an smart-contract-based collaboration platform that technologically features “creditable medical data exchange”and“profound sharing of medical knowledge”. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data is not duplicated, moved or visible during the process of exchange so as to ensure trusted data exchange between different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, with another knowledge computerization technology we develop, doctors can easily turn their own knowledge into smart contracts so as to carry out effective studies and even provide auxiliary decisions for diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and healthcare homogenization, benefiting billions of people. Know more at LEBEN official website: https://leben.pro


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BMAX MaxBook Y11, A Strong Competitor of Apple MacBook

This is an era where more and more attention is paid to the aesthetic and practical use of electronic products. The development path of mobile phones is a testimony. Laptops are another product that everyone needs, so what kind of laptop does a consumer need? Consumers open a shopping site such as Amazon or Taobao that is among the top in the world to search for mainstream manufacturers’ laptops. If consumers think about the aesthetic and practical premise, they will almost certainly feel disappointed. Today’s mainstream manufacturers will only use excellent designs on high-priced products. Their products from $299 to $599 are hard to capture consumers’ hearts.

What about another kind of notebook?

Let users talk about the current notebook market with the premise of use. In addition to the price, the other side of this market is another scene. The products of the whole market are divided into different levels, and the current notebook computers can be roughly divided. For gaming notebooks and office notebooks

If consumers think about what they are doing with their laptop, they might want to mention the following activities: Office and Home use; Browsing the web; watching videos; light Gaming.

Most consumers work on laptops, browse the web, watch videos, and play games that are not particularly demanding. If consumers don’t need to run large games and large industry software, they don’t have to buy a laptop for more than $599. If mainstream manufacturers don’t notice this demand from consumers, an expert will think other companies will target this market. In case there is such a product? This kind of product that looks good, meets the needs and is very friendly. There are such cases in the mobile phone field.

Since 2011, a manufacturer called Xiaomi has been subverting the smart phone industry. Before Xiaomi, the price of smart phones was always high. Who is the spoiler in the field of notebook computer?

That spoiler is BMAX. They launched their first product – BMAX MaxBook Y11.

The BMAX MaxBook Y11’s body is made of full-metal design, and the details are quite tough. The position of the A-face brand logo is placed on the upper right side. This is a design I like. Although it is a two-in-one metal body, its outer casing is made of all-aluminum alloy. It is exquisite and light. It is about 13mm thin and about 1kg light. It is less than the thickness of a book. Even children can easily pick it up and carry it with them. Carrying it with a user will not add a burden. It controls the thickness to 13mm, even if it is compared with the traditional thin and light, the portability performance is worthy of praise, consumers will think this is very good. When entire notebook is in the hand, BMAX MaxBook Y11 is a full-featured 2-in-1 notebook, and it is like a pleasing ornament.


The BMAX MaxBook Y11 has only the BMAX logo on the A side. This design is the simplest mode. The machine adopts a narrow bezel design, which makes the body of the 11.6-inch screen a full circle smaller than the traditional notebook. At the same time, thanks to the narrow bezel design, the BMAX Maxbook Y11 screen has a proportion of 86%, and the visual effect is excellent. The 360 degree flip is also one of the most important features. Many consumers really like this feature. The user can flip the notebook into different modes in different scenes, which is convenient for the user to use.

Although the BMAX MaxBook Y11 is such a thin and light notebook, the performance of this notebook is beyond expectations. Equipped with the 8th generation Intel Gemini Lake processor, it can respond quickly and switch between web pages and applications. It can be easily completed even with harsh tasks. It uses 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM to read and write at high speed to shorten the booting-up time. When traveling, the user may carry a tablet for leisure or work. The BMAX MaxBook Y11 uses a 7000mAh large-capacity battery pack to provide up to 6 hours of battery life. The user doesn’t have to carry the charger with him or worry about the battery lifetime. Being focused on getting the job done or enjoying your time is the only thing to the user.

It is worth mentioning that the BMAX MaxBook Y11 is also equipped with a high-speed Type-C interface, which not only can transmit quickly, fast charge, but also external display box, can be used freely in a variety of scenarios, creating more possibilities.

Small body, big connotation, BMAX Maxbook Y11 2-in-1 notebook is thin and light, but has powerful features. The user has a MaxBook Y11 in hand, then it can be easily achieved for leisure, office or game needs. If the user want to travel with a notebook which meets the needs of a variety of office, leisure and gaming, then the user will think the BMAX MaxBook Y11 is a very good choice for him.

Beautiful, 360° Convertible, High performance, Stunning Full HD Touch Screen, Good Typing Experience in One.  So, what is the price?

The answer is $399. Amazing? Yep, that is the price.

For more information, please follow BMAX on Facebook. And, here to buy: https://bit.ly/2M5T2tI

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NC. FSAC: Great Advances of Technology in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Fertility is a precious gift that God given to mankind. However, with more and more women invest their time in career development, infertility became an inevitable circumstances. NC. FSAC, using life science and technology, is committed to help those in needs maximizing their potential for reproduction. Recently, the FSAC of NC Group has announced that the 4th generation of IVF has made significant progress and is expected to be adopted in clinical practice.

Introduction of the 4th Generation of IVF

The FSAC of NC Group’s reproductive facility is located in Thousand Oaks, California, USA. In addition of having an independent lab certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) , College of American Pathologists (CAP) and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) . It is also the first laboratory in California with the license of 4th generation IVF technique. This technology is a breakthrough by completed the autologous mitochondrial transplantation after years of painstaking exploration. That means the mitochondria in the embryo could keep the purity of the genetic material in the egg cell, thus overcoming the ethical dilemma that genetic material must be changed by the 3rd IVF technology. The technology has undergone a lot of repeated experiments and the results are satisfied.  With this technology, the success rate of elderly primigravida has increased by 20%-30%.


The technology led by renowned physician, Dr. Wang Weihua. He was selected into the Hundred Talents Program of CAS and once served as the Director of five well-known IVF labs in the United States. He has been working on the research and exploration of IVF technology at the molecular over the past years. This technology is based on the traditional IVF, pioneering mitochondrial transplantation. With cutting-edge research equipment and tech team, we have rebuilt the IVF system.


Technical Strengths

For those who suffered from infertile, this technology will surely give them new hopes. For those missing their prime for fertilization to hew out a career for themselves, FSAC offers a more secure solution for women. The company preserves the high-quality eggs in the prime of life by freezing the eggs. There are four to five commercial egg banks in the United States, but few of them serve Asian consumers. FSAC has the world’s largest Asian egg bank that can provide a backup fertility for consumers.

FSAC have help delivered 25,000 babies during the last 28 years since it was founded in 1991. It takes over 1,500 cases a year in the FDA-certified independent laboratories and top-notch full-time assistants in the United States. Fertility experts and embryologists have gained industry authority and good reputation for their ability to treat difficult cases and the high success rate of late reproductive age customers.


Significance of the 4th Generation IVF Technology

In order to maximize the satisfaction of infertile patients, FSAC has introduced a service program for customers seek medical treatment in the United States. Top experts at FSAC’s California core lab have come up with a customized “one on one” program that dynamically adjusts a patient’s medication throughout the process. FSAC services also include fertility preservation, the 3rd generation IVF, surrogacy, assisted reproductive diagnosis and egg bank.

With the technological breakthrough of the 4th generation IVF, FSAC is at the forefront of the industry in terms of technical means, and the subsequent fourth-generation IVF clinical outcome will completely overcome the ethical barriers of the 3rd generation IVF to give birth of healthy babies.


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Country: United States
Website Url: https://fertilityassociates.com/

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Enteral Horse Ode: Horse Dance Show From The Grasslands Conquers The Audience From All Over The World


Recently, the resident performance panoramic horse dance show Eternal Horse Ode performed in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China, has conquered audiences from the world with its moving stories, exquisite performance arts and techniques of performers and horses, and stunning immersive lighting effects.


Mongolian horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Special species gene, harsh living environment and long-term genetic variation have resulted in the Mongolian horses’ special characteristics of cold tolerance, drought tolerance and strong endurance. Mongolian horses are short in stature and has a poor appearance, however, on the grassland, a land where wind whistles, rains and snows most of the year, they brave hardships, gallop across, and make great achievements one after another, created the unique character and spirit of Mongolian horses: diligent and indomitable.



The Eternal Horse Ode is based on the spirit of the Mongolian horses. By telling the growing of a herdsman’s son, the show demonstrates the great historical progress of the Mongolian ethic’s mutual encouragement, forge forward, and pursuit of civilization; it eulogizes the open, inclusive and tenacious Mongolian ethos of this nation of horseback, demonstrates the harmonious coexistence between men and horse, men and grassland, and the poetic living environment of the fairy realm. The entire show consists of four parts, prologue Migration, Act I Home On Horsebacks, Act II Legend Of Horseback and epilogue Horse Ode.  It shows the emotional path of Mongolian’s encounter, acquaintance, companionship, and perseverance with horses. In the performance, there are not only the epic scene of hundred horses running, the warm scene of man and horse’s unity and mutual aid to overcome hardship; but also, the genuine love as vast as the sky, and the devoted loyalty as deep as the sea.


The horse performance has excellent stage machinery, vivid multimedia effects and kaleidoscopic lighting effects made the performance astonishing, being in it, the audiences feel like traveled through thousands of years. The magnificent momentum, dreamlike scenes, aesthetic effect and strong visual impact touched the hearts of every audience attended.


The Eternal Horse Ode was created by the Inner Mongolian Bureau of National Art Troupe, it is a key project in cultural industry of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. It has received supports from the state and autonomous regional governments since its establishment. The birth of the show fills in the blank of Inner Mongolia’s Tourism Performing Arts industry, injects new vitality into Inner Mongolia’s tourism economy, promotes the sustainable development of tourism industry and horse industry, enriches the tourism products and attractions of the autonomous region, and increases the economic benefits of tourism. Moreover, the success of the show also led to the improvement and upgrading of the relevant industrial chains, such as horse industry, entertainment, transportation, tourism and others.


The performing content of Eternal Horse Ode and the unique regional venues have a good mutual adaptability in the economic model structure of driving and influencing each other, the social benefits of the play are also very significant. Since its premiere in 2014, it has performed 248 performances and attracted tourists from more than 20 countries and regions, such as China, Russia, Mongolia, the United States, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with nearly 280,000 audiences. It has won wide acclaim and international reputation.


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Professor Zhu Haogang, the Chief Architect of LEBEN Attends the 14th China E-Government Forum

Hongkong, Jul 29, 2019 — The joining of data flow technologies is essential for the building of “digital government”. At the 14th China E-Government Forum cum the 1st Digital Government Summit, Professor Zhu Haogang, the chief architect of LEBEN was interviewed by Xinhua Talking and he talked about the application of data flow technologies in the building of “digital government”.


“Compared with a ‘physical government’, a ‘digital government’ operated by administrators needs to make many changes”, Zhu Haogang says, “At first, I worked on data flow research so as to apply it to medical services, but now, I’ve expanded the application of data flow technologies to governance administration system.”

Figure 1-The chief architect of LEBEN Professor Zhu Haogang Is Being Interviewed by Xinhua Talking


Professor Zhu Haogang also mentioned that the innovation of building “digital government” lies in breaking the barriers of data liquidity and achieving business coordination among the departments which had been physically separated. With its greatest function being public services, “digital government” is not just limited to a “physical government’s” scope in governing enterprises and individuals, serving for official document flow and others. Instead, “digital government” will provide public governance services and data flow for common people, the society and even other countries.


In the future, the liquidity of data needs to be enhanced, and a huge amount of separated data needs to be coordinated for the governing, serving all walks of life and building an improved “digital government” , the difficulty of which should never be underestimated. Technically, the key to breaking the “isolated island of data” lies in separating the usage rights and ownership of data. In the existing data system, each time data is used; one needs to copy the data for the handler. That the usage rights and ownership are not separated makes many organizations unwilling to provide data, thus resulting into the data enclosure phenomenon. This is detrimental for building “digital government”.


The government needs to treat data as an asset so as to solve this problem. Besides technically separating the usage rights and ownership of data, the government should also bring its guiding role into full play. For example, the government shall include data assets in the functions of all committees, offices, bureaus so as to improve the activeness, initiative of data exchange as well as data quality.

Figure 2-LEBEN’s Brand Logo


Take LEBEN as an example. Based on the technical system, the LEBEN platform differentiates the ownership, usage rights and execution rights of medical data to formally create and validate smart contracts, realize data exchange and sharing, and visualize medical knowledge exchange. Driven by business applications, it breaks the boundaries among different medical institutions and medical systems in different countries, fully solving the problem of the “isolated island of data”.


Figure 3-LEBEN Data Rights and Interests


“Once the liquidity of data is improved, we’ll be able to apply it in any field smoothly.” Zhu Haogang says, “Governmental guidance is very important during this process. How to manage data assets, how to establish the links between governmental functions and data? These are all problems needing to be solved in the next step.”


LEBEN is a smart-contract-based collaboration platform for medical industry that technologically features “trusted data exchange” and “profound sharing of knowledge”. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data is not duplicated, moved or visible during the process of exchange so as to ensure trusted data exchange among different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, with another knowledge computerization technology we developed, doctors can easily turn their own knowledge into smart contracts so as to carry out effective studies and even provide auxiliary decisions for diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and Equalized Healthcare, benefiting billions of people. Know more at Leben official website: leben.pro


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Address: 4th floor, building b9, yonghe one center
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Website Url: http://leben.pro/

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Venice Biennale Golden Lion Awarded Artist: Tobias Rehberger’s Touring Exhibition Arrives Shanxi Province, China

Hongkong, Jul 29, 2019 — Have you heard that people could play a customized concert just by connecting mobile phone and click the play button? It sounds like an incredible design, but recently been found in a shopping mall located in Taiyuan, Shanxi province of China.


When the reporter stepped into the mall, a bunch of acrylic neon signs and cables were hanging from the top. The sign of “Free” “Park” seem mixed and disorderly, but the acrylic neon lights were flickering rhythmically along with the music beats from connecting mobile phone. The art installation attracted the audience instantly and the mall seems converted to a private concert hall.

It is one of the masterpieces of the popular artist, Tobias Rehberger.


Tobias Rehberger was rewarded the Golden Lion Award at the 53rd Venice Biennale, his creation contains multi art-discipline, such as visual design, architecture design and conceptual art. The current exhibition subverted the traditional visiting mode of art museum, it redefines the relationship among the audience, art work and art museum.


From 23 March 2019 to 26 May 2019, the first solo exhibition of Tobias Rehberger “If you don’t use your eyes to see, you will use them to cry” in China was held at the Shanghai Bund Art Museum. After the exhibition set off a craze in Shanghai, Tobias selected the Fashion Walk Shopping Mall in Taiyuan, Shanxi province to end the global tour of this art show. This is the first time that Taiyuan city to host such high-level international art exhibitions.

Why the famous international artist selected the shopping mall in a second-tier city to display his art piece?


Their collaboration is not just an accidental event. The Fashion Walk Shopping Mall in Taiyuan is focusing on and promoting the art development in a long-term basis. The mall committed itself to create a complex public space covering culture, art, shopping, F&B, etc. The mall continues to innovate in commercial business, bringing in multiple forms of new media, art exhibition, art installation and combine those with commercial public area. This eliminates the gap between art and public group, and creates a new trend for the public to experience the art in shopping mall as a way of leisure and relaxation.

According to the organizer, Taiyuan is the last stop of this Tobias art exhibition, it will last for three months and the art work will be shipped back to Germany after the show. On 6 July 2019, Fashion Walk shopping mall launched an innovative party with the art work of Tobias. The mall seems turned into a night club, thousands of fashionistas were attracted and gathered here. The fever is similar to the scene of superstar concert. Online topics of “thousands of fashionistas dancing in the mall” “Fanatical dancing party in the art exhibition” has spread rapidly, and receives over 20 million clicks. The popularity of the event is comparable to a superstar concert.


Fashion Walk shopping mall always follow the entertainment and consumption trends of younger generation, continuously explore new business models. The firm does not only unleash the innovative spirit to the extreme for creating distinctive consumer shopping experience, but also helps Chinese business become international.


About the Artist


Tobias Rehberger is an artist whose work is characterized by transformation, serendipity, collaboration and shared experience. His work in large-scale often takes the form of visually-rich environments that are sites for social encounter, such as his Was du liebst bringt dich auch zum weinen (2009), which won the Golden Lion for the 53rd Venice Biennale, his recreation of Frankfurt’s Bar Oppenheimer in New York (2013), or his procession of sculptures 24 Stops between the Beyeler Foundation and Vitra Campus near Basel (2015-2016). When working with self-contained sculpture, Rehberger often looks to the viewer, friends and other collaborators to complete or contribute to the work. He invited fellow artists he had portrayed as vases to present him with a bouquet of flowers, completing each Vase Portrait, he asked assistants to initiate sculptural formations in Velcro for his Infection series (2007 – ongoing) and he worked with craftsmen in Cameroon and Thailand to make serendipitous copies of furniture and cars. Working across diverse scales and an array of media, Rehberger is fascinated by the boundless possibilities of object and environment. As Rehberger once described, “I am very interested in this phenomenon that …the object is not only interested in its own existence. It’s a kind of tool helping the existence of something else.”

Selected solo exhibitions and projects for the artist include If you don’t use your eyes to see, you will use them to cry, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai (2019); Yourself is sometimes a place to call your own, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Busan (2018); 24 Stops, Fondation Beyeler, Basel (2016); Home and Away and Outside, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (2014); Tobias Rehberger: Wrap it up, MACRO Museum, Rome (2014); Dazzle Ship London, River Thames, London (2012); When I See the Other Side of Heaven, It Is Just as Blue (commission), The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul (2012); Nest (commission), Bloomberg SPACE, London (2012); Tobias Rehberger, MAXXI, Rome (2010); The Chicken-and-Egg-No-Problem Wall-Painting, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2008); On Otto, Fondazione Prada, Milan (2007); Get a New Liver, Tate Liverpool (2006); Private Matters, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2004); Night Shift, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2002) and The Sun from Above, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2000). Tobias Rehberger lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Germany Kent Becomes First Black Woman To Win Sigma Delta Chi for Independent Online Deadline Reporting

The multimedia journalist was one of 77 honorees chosen this year from more than 1,300 submissions

LOS ANGELES – Germany Kent has won a prestigious national media award from the Society of Professional Journalists in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in professional journalism. Kent, a notable producer and multimedia journalist based in Los Angeles became the first Black woman in SPJ history to take home the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Deadline Reporting Online as an independent.

The Los Angeles Times also won top honors in Online Deadline Reporting this year, as the affiliate media outlet. Kent, along with The LA Times won top honors for reports on the Thousand Oaks mass shooting that occurred at the Borderline Bar & Grill last fall where a former Marine opened fire on a packed bar killing 12 people, mostly college students, and Ventura County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ron Helus.

The Sigma Delta Chi Awards, given for exceptional journalism and distinguished service to the American people, are some of the most prestigious awards given to journalists.

Kent recently joined elite media professionals from across the country to receive her award at a high-profile event held at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C., hosted by NBC News chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson.

Each year the Society recognizes the best in print, television, radio, newsletters, arts/graphics, online and research. Other honorees this year include Newsy, NBC Nightly News, CBS News, Univision News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Nieman Reports, PBS NewsHour, PRI’s The World, The Associated Press, NPR, and Reuters.

Kent is a news magnet, media mentor and influential woman in media who has been recognized nationally as a social media marketing leader, publisher, media pundit, and red carpet host in Hollywood. She has been honored with multiple national and international humanitarian awards. Her advocacy in creating a national conversation about cyberbullying has earned her recognition as a social media etiquette expert. Kent’s work has appeared in major publications such as Fast Company, The Examiner, Bloomberg, Forbes and Inc. Magazine. Kent has received critical praise as an author, more recently for her multiple award winning book, “You Are What You Tweet,” a national bestseller.  

About the Sigma Delta Chi Awards

Dating back to 1932, the awards originally honored six individuals for contributions to journalism. The current program began in 1939, when the Society granted the first Distinguished Service Awards. The honors later became the Sigma Delta Chi Awards.

Founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi, SPJ promotes the free flow of information vital to a well-informed citizenry; works to inspire and educate the next generation of journalists; and protects First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and press.


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